The Benefits of GOTOIMAGES Photos

Compared to other Stock Photo Websites, Gotoimages stock photos have a lot of advantages:

1. Gotoimages photos are pre-registered, web-ready and accessible quality photos. Gotoimages photos have been registered for image descriptions for Accessibility. This means the photos are always accessible even when loading problems occur. How does Gotoimages do this? When a photo is registered, it’s given a unique letter-and-number code combination. First, Gotoimages makes sure that every photo’s filename has been named with their GTI-S Codes (eq. gotoimages_a8a0). So, you only have to look at the filename to see its GTI-S Code. You can search the photo’s image description in our Search GTI-S to see its image description.

So, there’s no need to rename the photos after purchasing them and downloading them from our website.

Second, not only Gotoimages photos’ filenames are named with GTI-S Codes, but also the Codes can be placed below the images or at “Hover” on images. This is a good way to take a presentation to the next step.

2. Another advantage is the photos are accessible also to users with vision problems. Now, you don’t have to worry about making your images Accessible.

Gotoimages, Great Images Are Accessible Images!